March 7, 2009

The Red Pump Project

I added Life Management Institute, Inc. as a client earlier this year. I used online marketing tools to help them set attendance records for the 3rd Annual Conference on Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness held yesterday here in Cincinnati OH.

My eyes continue to be opened about the impact that HIV/AIDS is having on our community. In fact, I created a groupsite to bring together like-minded people that want to replace ignorance with awareness on this critical health issue.

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a nationwide initiative to raise awareness of the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women & girls and encourages ladies to take action. While progress has definitely been made in the areas of AIDS prevention and treatment, women still represent 27% of all new AIDS diagnoses, with African American women accounting for 66% of that group.

In observance of this day, Karyn of The Fabulous Giver and Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie came up with the idea of The Red Pump Project. My blog, the Electronic Village, is going to Rock the Red Pump to represent the strength and courage of women fighting HIV/AIDS or affected by the disease both directly and indirectly.

I hope that all villagers will find a way to support this effort in one way or another.


msladyDeborah said...

Hotep Villager!

I want to participate in this effort. It definitely is a major issue in our communities.

Unknown said...

Lady D - That is great news! Hopefully other women will support this effort as well...

The Sole Sisters Collective said...

I would like to participate, how do I get involved? Great blog.

Unknown said...

* - Just contact Luvvie on her blog. Let her know of your interest. I encourage you to also join our HIV/AIDS Awareness groupsite if you have time or inclination.