March 4, 2009

Chris Brown Charged With 'Felony Assault'

Villagers, it appears that Chris Brown is going down. Chris Brown has been officially charged with two felonies [SOURCE]. The LAPD and the L.A. County prosecutor’s office have come under fire recently for allowing evidence from the case to be sold to the highest bidder. They have since built a solid case against the 19-year old singer. It is likely that he will be singing 'Jail House Rock' for a number of years.

The L.A. County District Attorney has just charged Chris Brown with felony assault and making a criminal threat, also a felony. Brown could face a maximum of four years and eight months in prison.


katherine. said...

there was something in the news about Chris Brown and Rihanna getting married?

Unknown said...

Katherine - I heard that Sean Diddy (the rapper) provided Chris Brown and Rihanna with access to his Florida home over the past weekend so that they could talk things out. Some discussion that Rihanna was going to take him back as her boyfriend. I didn't know or hear anything about them getting married. Personally, I think that Rihanna should rid herself of the young brother. Any man who beats on a woman is absolutely no good for you.

Does anyone know status of Chris Brown's mom? Has she had anything to say about the way that Chris Brown beat on Rihanna?

Renee said...

Katerine: I also heard that they were secretly married. I certainly hope not.

Chris Brown needs to so some serious jail time for what he did to Rhi, and my fear is that she will not testify against him. If nothing else I hope that we can finally begin to talk about the violence in our community. It needs to stop and the apologism thus far has made me ill.


Hey there!

I am thrilled to hear that he is being charged...and hope he will serve time.

This beat-down will NOT go unpunished. It is more than tabloid fodder that sells magazines.

Rihanna is young and she will need her family's support to help her sort things out.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Color Online said...

Talk her out of letting him go to jail? Why? Forgiveness doesn't mean he doesn't suffer the consequences of his actions. When will we love ourselves enough and when will our men love us enough not to put their hands on us?

Say it again, Renee. Let's talk about the women who don't survive. Women and children die because of domestic violence. We need to stop making excuses and downplaying dv and do more to teach our sons how to cope without using their fists. Let someone take Chris to Florida and have that talk with him.

Color Online said...

And where are the brothers in this thread? Why no outrage from our men? Would you be silent if it were your daughter or sister?

Unknown said...

Renee, Lisa and Color Online - Personally, I hope that Chris Brown gets jail time. The photo of Rhianna's face after his beat-down of her caused me to come to this state of mind. He needs to do time. I pray that they are *not* married...