March 31, 2009

Toy Gun Bill Inspired by DeAunta Farrow Fails to Pass in Arkansas

Villagers may recall the story DeAunta Farrow. He is the 12-year old youngster killed by an Arkansas police officer who mistakenly thought that his toy gun was real.

The Arkansas House has narrowly rejected a bill that would have restricted the sale of realistic-looking toy guns. Rep. Fred Allen says toy guns often are mistaken for actual guns or are used during robberies, and shouldn't be readily available in Arkansas stores.

Allen originally named his bill the DeAunta Farrow Imitation Firearms Act. But Allen agreed to remove the boy's name from the bill after complaints from the family, who dispute police accounts that say DeAunta was holding the toy weapon. The family's civil lawsuit is pending.

We don't allow toy guns in our house. I want my 9-year old son to grow to be an old man. No need to tempt fate. What is your view?


Martin Lindsey. said...

I'm not against toy guns as a principle. I played with water guns and cap guns myself as a kid so I think they are just plain old fashioned child hood fun.

However since many real guns are made of polymers and plastics I'm not opposed to realistic looking toy guns being removed from the market.

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Villager said...

Martin - We had water guns. A neighbor had a BB-gun. We used it to shoot pigeons off the telephone poles & wires. It probably wasn't the best use of our time or energy.

I don't mind my young 'un playing with a water gun, however, we've never purchased one.

I agree with you on the 'realistic-looking' guns. I'm sorry that the bill failed in Arkansas.

Jake Roberts said...

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