March 16, 2009

Class Action Suit Charges Turner Industries (Paris TX) With Racism

Two citizens from Paris TX, the most racist city in America, filed a class action complaint that could lead to a federal investigation. [SOURCE]

The two citizens are both employed by Turner Industries, one of the largest employers in Paris TX. Photographs from inside the pipe fabrication factory show painted confederate flags on everything from protective headgear to cell phones. There are also photos of a hangman's noose and racist graffiti on a restroom wall, most of which is too offensive to show on our family-friendly blog.

Turner employee Dontrail Mathis said, "I've been threatened with job demotions and terminations" for bringing this racism to the public's attention".

Turner employee Karl Mitchell said, "To me, some of the stories remind me of 1950's Mississippi. "It's created what I believe is a plantation like environment; where you walk in the door, you know your place and if you step out of place you will be punished."

Turner Industries responded as follows – "On March 4th, Turner formed an employee task force, made up of a cross-section of workers, to assist in promoting and maintaining a work place that is free of harassment or discrimination. We have zero tolerance for any behavior in the work place that disparages any employee."

Black employees who filed the complaint say the racist atmosphere they've experienced at the plant intensified after two key events – first, the murder of Brandon McLelland and second, the election of President Obama.

Villagers, I'm glad to see that these two Turner employees are taking legal action. I wish them both well. What are your thoughts on the situation in Paris TX?

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