March 14, 2009

Top 10 Michael Steele Blunders

Michael Steele may not be the new face of the Republican Party for much longer. It appears that forces within the GOP are rising up against him.

I always thought that the life of a Black Republican must be lonely, but, I never imagined that the 33% of the Black RNC members would turn on him so quickly.

Most of Bro. Steele's problems are self-inflicted. He holds the world record for the least amount of time between (a) making a public statement on some political issue and (b) publicaly apologizing for making the statement. His political will appears to be made of taffy, not steel.

However, I have to give him credit for one thing. He gives a much more interesting interview than GOP leaders of the past.

Here are the top 10 blunders from Michael Steele randomly selected from his first six weeks in office:
  1. Failure to hire chief of staff, communications director
  2. Flip flop on abortion
  3. Sends 'slum love' to Bobby Jindal
  4. Offensive comments about 'one-armed midgets'
  5. Failed showdown with Rush Limbaugh
  6. Shut down idea for GOP policy think tank
  7. Lack of support for GOP platform position on gay marriages
  8. Sought to give GOP more 'hip-hop credibility'
  9. Thinks he is in the business of ticking people off.
  10. Threatens to withhold RNC Funds from moderate GOP senators
Things are so bad that the Baltimore Public School system wants Steele to apologize!

Villagers ... what do you think? Has Michael Steele been treated unfairly in these first few weeks as the GOP leader? Any estimates on when he will be either removed or forced to resign?


Julius said...

I think Michael Steele's blunders stem from the fundamentals of, who are you? and What do I stand for? Many Black republicans see an opportunity to bring change to the republican party, but the stanch conservatives who are shrinking in numbers still yell the loudest and are unapologetic about who they are and stand firm on their out dated convictions. Michael Steele wasted many the opportunities handed him because he is demonstrating a pattern of backing off of his statement and stances and apologizing to the loud mouths of his party after first criticizing them in a responsible and firm way. Michael Steel's is now responsible for setting the tone of the Republican party, but in my opinion, he is afraid to stand up for what is right in his heart. He needs to follow the lead of Howard Dean who went against the Dems and planned a 50 state Presidential campaign strategy, which worked, among much heated criticism, but Howard Dean's convictions about how Dems could win back the White House is now looked at as being brilliant. The lesson for Michael Steele to take is this: to become a great leader you have to walk alone sometimes.

Vérité Parlant said...

He's been treated fairly by the jury of who he wants as his peers. As for why the 33% turned on him so easily and why we have black Republicans at all who would blindly follow the party and its attitudes toward people of color, I think the episode of Lie to Me that I wrote about at my blog on last week explains their psychology well, at least some of them. I speak of the ones who refuse to see that their Party has a racial problem and who expect America to be more like the GOP rather than the GOP.

I like your 10 blunders.

SjP said...

I wish I could say that he's being treated unfairly - but, unfortunately I don't think he is. His main problem is that he really thought he was elected to be RNC chair. He thought he had some real power.

Villager said...

Julius - I agree with you that Michael Steele failed to demonstrate commitment in his convictions. He seems to back down after every statement that he makes (eg, Limbaugh, abortion rights and so forth). At the heart of the matter ... your first sentence is the key. I think that the GOP knows exactly who they stand for ... and it is *NOT* African Americans or other people of color in this country.

Verite Parlant - I watched 'Lie to Me' for the first time last week. Storyline about Darfur. Anyhow, I'll come by and check out your link. As an aside, my use of 33% was sorta tongue-in-cheek. There are only 3 Black members of the RNC. One of them called for his resignation. 33% sounded better than 1. (smile)

Sojourner - He could at least have put his actual power to better use. He was still being a talking head when he should have been behind closed doors getting his shyt together (fundraising, candidate gathering and such).