March 11, 2008

Arrest in Jamiel Shaw Murder Case

As funeral services for Jamiel Shaw are taking place in Los Angeles, we learn that an arrest has been announced in his murder. Nineteen-year-old Pedro Espinoza, a reputed gang member, was arrested a short time ago by the Los Angeles police. The charge includes the special circumstance allegation that the defendant was "an active participant in a criminal street gang and the murder was carried out to further the activities of the criminal street gang." Prosecutors are expected to decide later whether to seek the death penalty against Espinoza. [SOURCE]


Vida said...

So glad that the Shaw family is finally getting justice!

I attended the funeral this morning. Such a heartbreaking service, but his father stood strong and said he would carry out the "18-year plan" he started for Jamiel by working with other inner city youth. They have also created a foundation for him:

Foundation for Jamiel Shaw II
c/o USC Federal Credit Union
University Park Campus
1025 W 34th Street
King Hall, 2nd Floor MC 2280
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Phone: (213) 821-7100
Fax: (213) 821-7151

Villager said...

Vida - I watched the live streaming of the service. I agree with your description ... heartbreaking. I also agree with his uncle's remarks about 'We can do better...'.

Thank you again for sharing the foundation information...