March 1, 2008

Data Recovery New York or the 11 Planets

I see where Maryn Smith, the winner of the National Geographic planetary mnemonic contest, has created a handy way to remember the planets and their order in distance from the sun. Her award-winning phrase is: 'My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants'. The 11 recognized planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris. Ceres, Pluto and Eris are considered dwarf planets.

Of course the rest of us need something more than mnemonics to restore data our lost data. Fortunately, there is a company, DataHotline, with experienced professionals and the resources to recover our lost data. Whether the data loss is the result of human error, a malicious action, hardware/software failure or an act of God. DataHotline uses innovation, experience and advanced technology to offer comprehensive and efficient data recovery services to all of their clients.

DataHotline pledges to meet three objectives with every recovery project:
  1. Exceed our clients' expectations in retrieving their valued data.
  2. Meet our time commitments for every data recovery project.
  3. Understand that the complete satisfaction of DataHotline's clients is our responsibility and duty.

The company guarantees fast and dependable data recovery solutions. They have a number of testimonials from current and past customers. Give them a call if you are interested in learning more:

Toll Free: (800) 959-8864
NYC Telephone: (212) 242-4714

Of course, if you can name the 11 planets without looking at the first paragraph of this post ... then you may not need this service!

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Deidra said...

Now I thought I was getting old (I'm only 24) but I remember when there used to be 9 planets and now there's 11? Ceres & Eris didn't ring a bell with me when I read it lol. I wonder what else I don't know...

Nice post btw - I wish I could recover all the lost data I had when my computer crashed like three times but it's too late now lol. But I have them bookmarked just in case ;)

Villager said...

Deidra - We learn new things every day!