March 29, 2008

Can Civil Rights Organizations and Black Bloggers Work Together?

Villagers, we've introduced you to Howard Witt earlier this year. He is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. Mr. Witt wrote an article this week about our online activism. Many of you know that this blog joined with two dozen others to protest decision by NAACP West Palm Beach branch president Maude Ford Lee and National Action Network president Al Sharpton to support lower bail for the Dunbar Village rapists.

Rev. Sharpton reversed course on his radio show earlier this week. We still await a response from NAACP's Maude Ford Lee.

Mr. Witt's article accurately notes that Web-based activists are not seeing eye-to-eye with old-guard leadership as it relates to the Dunbar Village torture, terrorism and rape. Click here to read the full article.

What say u? Are you ready to support efforts to stop NAACP support of the Dunbar Village rapists?


The Urban Scientist said...

Maybe it is generational...but Bloggers (in general) represent a younger demographic than the baby-boomer leaders from the Civil Rights movement. As a member of Gen X (which I suppose most bloggers and Black bloggers are -some are millenials), we have a VERY different viewpoint of leadership and these "negro organizations" as I call them.

I can be especially unkind to those leaders and organizations because I think they have no sense of continuity or legacy. They think they are immortal and will live forever. They have no since of respect for younger (and sometimes better educated and networked) black activists. They're holding on the leadership tooth and nail and the remaining body of membership is aging, like them.

Maybe it is because our generation has had the advantage of working in different and diverse settings, I don't know. But for me, I believe in holding anyone in leadership accountable. Jackson, Sharpton, & others in the black church, NAACP, etc.'s status/positions as a long-respected leaders are laudable but it doesn't give them carte blanche to do what they want and not have to answer to others.

I'm glad Activism is still alive in the Black Community. I was getting very worried.

SjP said...

I agree with Sharpton. There should be one standard. Which translates - the Dunbar Village and the Boca Raton rapists should ALL be in jail right now! As my Mamma says "right is right and right don't wrong no body!" And that, regardless of generation - will alway ring true! SjP

Villager said...

Urban Scientist - What you say makes sense. It would be a shame to lose the legacy of some of these organizations. That is why I'm glad to see young, vibrant leadership in some of the NAACP chapters (e.g., Cincinnati, Wichita). However, I agree that the old lions (Sharpton, Jackson) don't see very much interested in stepping aside to allow for the voices and growth of younger generations of leadership...

Sojourner - Your mama said it right!