March 22, 2008

Do You Still Believe in Iraq War?

Sometime in the next few days the 4,000th American casualty in the Iraq War will take place. The official name of the conflict is 'Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.'.

Is there anyone who still believes that the United States should be engaged in this war? Is there anyone who wants to follow Bush/Cheney/McCain into another 100 years in this war?

We have not talked very much in our village about the Iraq War, however, I am very interested in what you think about it as we enter into the 6th year of the battle. What say u?


John said...

4000 deaths on the American side...
How many American soldiers/troops have been "fighting" in Iraq since the beginning of the operations ? Veterans, back home, will they be able to reinsert themselves in the American society ? Is there a budget allocated to this (I heard a rumour about 300 million USD once...) ?

How many casualties on the Iraqi side ? How many Iraqi families have fled the country ? What are they doing right now, how is their life ? What about the new generation ? How will they perceive America (and England?) ? How are the citizen from neighboring countries perceiving America ?

This war is appalling, and I just don't understand the real reasons of it - not really transparent. Is it for Bechtel & co, or the USA these soldiers have died for ? How trustful is the current White House administration (where are the "weapon of mass destruction" - Have they finally been found?) ? How come Bush has not been impeached yet ?

Now, the situation in the region is apparently (very) problematic. How to stabilize the region, and who shall pay for that ?

Villager said...

John - You raise powerful questions that all of us need to answer. Personally, I think it is long overdue for the Bush/Cheney/McCain war policy to be retired. Nothing will change in the next year of the Bush administration. If McCain is elected, nothing will change in the next 100 years (according to him). Therefore, it is imperative that a Democrat be elected to the POTUS in Nov 2008...