March 23, 2008

NAACP Supports Dunbar Village Rapists

Kudos to What About Our Daughters for creating this video. The next step is ours. Have you contacted your local branch of the NAACP to ask them about the support being given to these Dunbar Village rapists? If we cannot protect the Black women and children in our own community ... what good are we?


Janet Shan said...

I found this whole situation with Dunbar village very troubling. Al Sharpton has said that he is all about civil rights for all, but what about the victims? This is a shame and yes, we all should protest to the local NAACP.

Villager said...

Janet - Did you notice that you are the featured AfroSpear Voice here on my blog?

re: Dunbar Village. You might consider reaching out to SheCodes to have your blog included in the weekly protest movement taking place every Friday morning at 9:00 am.

PurpleZoe said...

This is insane and a mockery of the community effort for justice seen with the Jena 6. The Jena 6 were young men unjustly convicted for a crime that would have equated to little more than a suspension in a highschool were race not involved.

The Dunbar rapists are rapists.
Not only this, they forced a mother and child to perform sexual acts with each other which caused them into further trauma and humilation, introducing damage to the purity of their connection.

These rapists deserve nothing. Period.

Issues like rape have nothing to do with whiteness or blackness. These "males" are mentally deranged and a disgrace to any community. They do not deserve our protection.

Our Children, Mothers and Innocent Men do.

THANKYOU for posting this, Villager.
It's an outrage.

PurpleZoe said...

Please help circulate this banner to call our community to action. We can't let this stand.

Click to cut and paste image