March 3, 2008

Republican Governor Charlie Crist Plots In Support of Hillary Clinton

Team Clinton is still looking for a way to steal this election even if it takes support from the Republican Party to do so. I read on Pam's House Blend that Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean are talking about giving Democratic voters in Florida a 'do-over'.

If you are a Barack Obama supporter ... then you need to fight hard over the next 48 hours for a victory in Ohio and Texas. If not, Team Clinton will continue to look for a way to steal this election ... and Florida may be the crime scene again in 2008 as it was in 2000.


Gunfighter said...

It won't fly. The Florida Democratic party violated the rules and held an illegal primary. It's results mean nothing. Those delegate won't be seated, and there won't be a do-over, as Charlie Crist and Hill-Billy would like.

Villager said...

Gunfighter - I hope you are right. Best bet is for voters in Rhode Island, Ohio, Texas and Vermont to step up and do the right thing tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Its another example of politicians playing games of one ups-manship an d retribution politics and fail to acknowledge 'we the people' suffer.
The DNC did not have to strip the Florida Dems of all their delegates, they CHOSE to levy the harshest penalty.

Under the rules passed by the Democratic National Committee, if Florida is not in compliance with the calendar it will automatically lose all 25 of its so-called super delegates — basically, elected officials and state party members — and at least half of its regular 185 delegates. But the committee voted, with one dissent, to impose the maximum penalty by refusing to seat any delegates should Florida not return with an acceptable plan.

James Roosevelt Jr., the [Democratic] rules committee’s co-chairman, said he was not convinced that Florida Democrats had done all they could do. He said it was “clear that the Republicans were the moving force behind the selection of a date that violated both the Republican and the Democratic rules, but that the efforts to oppose that were form over substance.”