March 20, 2008

Tell Bush to Sign the Second Chance Act

Last week, following an overwhelming vote in the House, the Senate unanimously passed the Second Chance Act, designed to allow states and local communities to help former offenders re-enter society and become productive members of their communities.

In the next few weeks, the Second Chance Act will land on President Bush's desk. I encourage all Villagers to urge the President to sign this much-needed legislation into law. The NAACP makes it easy to tell President Bush to sign the Second Chance Act.

Every day more than 1,700 men and women leave prison and re-enter their communities, many of them are untrained, face serious substance abuse or mental health issues, and are homeless. It is because of these circumstances that more that 2/3 are arrested for a felony or a serious misdemeanor again within 3 years.

Recidivism is costly to everyone, from crime victims and communities, to taxpayers. In the last twenty years, the cost of corrections has increased by almost 700%. Providing new opportunities is a good investment in our communities, as well as the men and women who served their time in prison.

The Second Chance Act, sponsored by Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL), provides federal assistance for states and communities to establish re-entry programs that focus on job training, housing, substance abuse and mental health issues.

Do you agree that this is good legislation that should be signed into law by President Bush?

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