March 3, 2008

Obama Video: We Can Change The World

Drumbeats from the LatinoPundit brought this video to my attention.

I hadn't seen this video until today. What do you think of the message and the folks in the message?


Martin Lindsey. said...

I'm impressed to see young entertainers jumping on the bandwagon. I think it's a reflection of the mood of the country at large.

Hollywood, Broadway and recording stars of all stripes are making themselves known in a variety of ways for their preferred candidates.

And what artist worth their salt would miss the opportunity to put their views out their for us YouTube junkies to help circulate it.

Way to go Will-I-am!

Villager said...

Martin - I do like Jessica Alba (smile). I also noticed at least three of the young stars from television series called 'Friday Night Lights' on this video. The other unique thing about it was the number of Latino stars lending their voice, face and comments to this video. Are there similiar videos out there for Hillary?

Regina said...

I saw this video over the weekend and posted it on my AAO social page. I love the fact that Obama is able to get this high number of younger people to seemingly back and support him.
This is an unmatched precedent. I remember Diddy doing a half hearted campaign to get young people to vote but this is something on a whole different level. The young appear to be coming out in droves to support AND vote for Obama.
And you are correct in thinking that there were multiple individuals of Latino heritage. Very smart move considering that Latinos are the majority in Texas.
The star power is amazing in this video and in the first video!

There is also an Obama gospel video, which stars gospel super star John P. Kee.
Obama is truly trying to cover all the bases!

Villager said...

Regina - A little under 8 hours until the polls open here in Ohio. I'm going to take my two youngest children with me to vote in the morning before dropping them off at school!

I haven't seen the gospel video. I'll head off into cyberspace to check it out...

nohonate said...

Obama, your videos are lame. Who really cares what spoiled celebrities think about politics? This proves once again that you're an elitist with no experience. What exactly are you going to change? Are you going to fix the economy that's become screwed up only after your Democrat cronies took power two years ago. Stop flip-flopping and double-talking and tell us what YOU really believe in.

Villager said...

Nohonate - My blog is gaining in popularity ... however, I doubt that Obama is reading my blog reader comments yet ... so you may want to send your questions directly to him on