March 19, 2008

Found: Georgia Man and Three Toddlers

Drumbeats from Deidra saddened us today. She informed us that a Georgia father who kidnapped his three children earlier this month killed himself and the toddlers.
The bodies were found in a rural industrial park area outside Columbus, Ga., where the family lived. [SOURCE]

I hope that there is a special place in hell for that cowardly excuse for a man.


Regina said...

This is sad that three more young lives will not have the chance to reach their full potential in this lifetime.

I'm sure there is a special place in hell for that fool...
And yes that was a very cowardly act.

Dixie said...

So very, very sad.

Go here -

and read about the Lester Street Massacre that happend in Memphis a few weeks ago.

The brother/uncle who murdered those 6 will also have a place in hell with this man.

Villager said...

Dixie - Yes, the Lester Street Massacre is a topic that we discussed last week. It is truly sad the things that human beings will do to one another...

Regina - We hear about these types of acts too often. Why do so many people go insane like this? Is it lack of hope?

jjbrock said...

Sad story!