April 16, 2009

CNN's Anderson Cooper on the Carl Walker-Hoover Suicide

CNN’s Anderson Cooper covered the story on Carl Walker-Hoover and Eric Mohat, and the daily anti-gay bullying which drove these boys to kill themselves. Check it out. He did a nice job.

This story hits home for me. One villager gave the best possible advice for any of us that have young 'uns in school - 'Be on the scene and be seen!'


D.J. said...

And as i asked on my blog...where were the NAACP or GLAAD?

Villager said...

D.J. - I think that GLAAD and other gay rights folks are latching onto this story to promote tomorrow's Day of Silence. It is wrong that the school responds slowly when the boy is called a fag. I 'spose that the reaction would have been more firm if the young 'un had been called a nigger. And since he wasn't called by the N-word ... the NAACP isn't interested.