April 21, 2009

Vanessa Minnillo and Detroit Lions Could Use iD by Landau

The Detroit Lions have a new uniform logo and design at the same time that many young ladies are turning away from Miss. California in favor of Vanessa Minnillo as their role model.

Methinks that all of these folks could use the talents of iD by Landau to build the right look for their corporate identity. iD by Landau is renowned for creating functional, trendsetting styles that Generation Facebook wants to wear, in flattering hues for all skin tones.

Vanessa Minnillo fans will be happy to know that the feminine fit garments, created by iD by Landau, keep female employees looking and feeling their best. More importantly, I'm convinced that she is rockin' these cool chef jackets when she is in her own kitchen.

My hope is that the Detroit Lions will get a cool chef shirt for the folks in their concession stands. Why should the good stuff only be on the playing field?

If we can grow our blog a little more perhaps we will create a coordinated image with some tasteful rhino logos that make us look. Are you ready to see villagers sporting these chef coats from iD by Landau?

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