April 28, 2009

'E' for Excellence Award

We are honored to receive the 'E' For Excellence award from Maryannville. Maryannville is a popular blog created by Mary Ann. Mary Ann traveled from border-to-border and coast-to-coast before settling in a town with zip code 'E-I-E-I-O'. I met Mary Ann during the Blogging-To-Fame contest two years ago. She is a powerhouse blogger. As such, it meant alot when she shared this award with us.

The rules state that after receiving the Excellent Blog Award, you must pass it on to 10 more excellent bloggers. Here are the ten bloggers that I would like to share this award with today:
Congratulations to each of 'em for doing what they do! I hope that all villagers will take a moment to visit these ten Excellent Bloggers.


Keith said...

Hey Villager!

Thanks so much for this recognition. It means an awful lot coming from you, seriously. I've been a little outta my rhythm in recent weeks (again) but this really does inspire me to get back in the saddle again!

Thanks again, and take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Villager. I appreciate the award. Keep it up.

Janet Shan said...

Wayne -- Thank you very much for the honor, but I must give props to you. I have learned so much from you since I started my blogging journey. Keep up the good work and I am close to getting back to you on the verbiage thing! Again, thanks for the honor. Nuff respects.

Villager said...

Keith - I think u were on to something with your niche of blogging about Detroit ... especially as you told about its history and some of the untold positive stories in the city. Anyhow, your posts are always well written and a joy to read. I hope this blogging award brings more eyeballs your way...

Symphony - Asante sana! You earned the accolade!

Janet - Asante sana for the kind words. Have you permanently given up the Black Political Thought blog name?