April 3, 2009

Jose Vilson is on American Latino TV

I encourage villagers to check out Jose Vilson as a featured guest on American Latino TV. You can learn more about Bro. Wilson from the blogger interview he completed with us last month. Jose will discuss everything from his blog to his thoughts on education and everything in between during his weekly appearance on American Latino TV.

The show is in about 100 cities around the nation. Check your local listings here!


Vérité Parlant said...

Jose's a nice guy and talented too. :-) Very approachable.

Villager said...

VP - I didn't have chance to watch the show yesterday. Did you?

CSL said...

Thanks a lot for the props, Villager. I'ma work on those decals for your website this coming vacay. Spring cleaning is upon us.

Also, verite parlant, thanks for the props, too.

Villager said...

Jose - You are ... and will always be ... THE MAN!