April 14, 2009

RIP: Carl Walker-Hoover (1997-2009)

Carl Walker-Hoover is the 11-year old child who committed suicide last week because he couldn't see a way out of his dispair. His funeral was held yesterday.

I encourage Villagers to read his obituary and sign the virtual guestbook.


DNLee said...

I broken up about this. bullying is no laughing matter.

Villager said...

DNLee - I just read an interview with his mom. This story is sad on so many levels...

wisdomteachesme said...

I pray that his death not be in vain!

i pray That the topic of homophobia be addressed and the topic of bullying about anything be adressed and more school programs be initated in order to put a stop to it at every turn it raises it's ugly head to harm.
teaching Tolerance is a start--this is a group i joined while teaching and used their resources in my classroom.

the bully is the one that is hurting the most--projection is what they are doing when they lash out at innocent others that have not harmed them nor want to.
the bully is the one that needs the help in order to get to the rootball of why they feel the need to bully another. i have found that is usually stems from some form of abuse at the home level.

It does not matter if this 11 yr old thought he was gay or not--and what is wrong with knowing and accepting how God made you to be? (right-i know many will have much to say about this--and that is fine--up front=i don't argue or debate on this subject--this is the way i know God and how God made me.)

the adults in this childs life let it go on....i saw so much of this when i taught and i did all i was able to do by stepping in and speaking up for those that could not for whatever the reasons take up for themselves. no matter to me the reason/topic of the bullying. it is wrong!

i pray for this young childs family to be able to know Peace and to remember the joy that His life brought to their home!

again, i pray that God will not let this childs life be in vain--and will create Good from his death to help others that have to daily deal with bullying no matter the taunt used.

~on feet of fatih & peace,