April 3, 2009

William Mayo in Work-Release Program

Last year we shared information about William Mayo ... a young brother from Cincinnati who was wrongfully convicted of murder. Many people have worked to free Mayo for the past 17 years.

In January the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole reviewed William’s case in consideration for parole. Instead of a straight parole, their recommendation was for William to participate in a six to nine month Work-Release program; after which time he my be paroled. The Work-Release programs are held at Transitional Centers, which are also a part of the Georgia Department of Corrections prison network.

Villagers will be happy to learn that William Mayo has been transferred to Clayton County Transitional Center located just south of downtown Atlanta.

This is a huge event given that William has been housed behind 'bricks, bars, and miles of fences', for the past 17 years. April 3, 2009 marks the seventeenth year of William’s wrongful conviction.

It appears that the young brother is on the path to freedom. Hopefully, villagers and other supporters will continue to give prayers and other more tangible support as he goes through this transition process.

William’s new address
William J. Mayo, GDC #693216
Clayton Transitional Center, Rm. 39/Bed 1
PO Box 16158
Atlanta, GA 30321

It's nice to share good news sometimes!

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