April 13, 2009

Next Stop on Obama World Tour: 5th Summit of the Americas

President Obama continues to reach out to others as part of his effort to change the way that America is viewed around the world. He traveled to Turkey and various parts of England last week to meet with world leaders and talk to the people he visited about the vision for America that he seeks to achieve during his presidency.

This week Obama takes his message to Latin America as he visits Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago for the Fifth Summit of the Americas. I imagine that he will listen to our Latin American neighbors in Central and South America ... much as he did earlier this month at the G-20 Summit. Issues of immigration and our Cuba policy are sure to be front and center. I'll be curious to see how Obama and the Venezuelan dictator Chavez get along during the meetings.

Obama didn't speak of his upcoming meetings directly in this week's presidential message. However, he did talk about the importance of using this past weekend's holy days ... Easter and Passover ... to reflect on how the world could be if we can learn to get along with one another. Take a moment to listen to what he had to say:

What are your thoughts about Obama's recent foreign affairs effort? What would you like to see happen when he meets with Latin American leaders later this week?


MDUBB said...

Since I smoke cigars, not black and milds and stuff like that, I'd love to see that Cuban Embargo finally fall.

Cuba Libre!

Villager said...

MDUBB - I see that Obama plans to lift the limits on family visits and sending money down there. Do you think that the embargo will be lifted while there is still a Castro in charge of Cuba?