January 24, 2010

Are Blacks Optimistic About Race Relations After First Year of Obama Presidency?

The answer to that question is 'YES' according to a new Pew poll. "President Obama has ignited a surge of optimism among African Americans." [SOURCE]

A majority of African Americans say they believe "Obama's election has improved race relations," and 39 percent say they are better off now than five years ago. But "the hope for [racial] reconciliation that accompanied" Obama's election still "remains far off."

What do you think? Are race relations better or worse since Obama became our president?


Anna Renee said...

I think race relations can be improved, but there are many who are fighting this tooth and nail, and are trying to indoctrinate white people and provoke racist fears that would cause them to go backward in the race relations arena. As long as this is so, white folks will not be able to rid themselves of that false guilt. It's been put on them, I say. Don't let yourselves be dragged back into that racist crap.

Villager said...

...it's now been two years of Obama. We still have a long way to go when it comes to race relations in America.