January 19, 2010

Devolution of Harold Ford (video)

Harold Ford came close to being an important part of African American history. Do you remember the 2006 elections in November 2006 when he came so close to becoming a US Senator from Tennessee. I remember staying up on election night that year to see if he could join a short list of Black senators (beginning with Hiram Revels).

Ford lost the election. It appears that he may have lost his way as well. He left his home in Tennessee to take a job as a bank executive in New York. He still has a dream of making history.
Harold Ford wants to be the next elected senator from New York.

The folks at Brave New Films put together the following video to document the devolution of Harold Ford:

Ford is remaking himself as a pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun control progressive so he can fit in with the New York political scene. But unfortunately for Harold, this is the age of the Internet, and you can’t just walk away from your past statements.

What are your thoughts on Harold Ford? Do you think he will ever get back into Congress?


DNLee said...

His politics have always been are progressive - pro choice and pro-gay (if you will). I know many people regard Liberals as anti-gun, but also remember he's from the South. Gun ownership is a big deal down south. Most southern blacks not only vote democrat, they are also pro-gun (but don't tend to belong to teh NRA). So I don't think this is a stray.

However, I am disappointed to hear he trying to win a Senate seat in NY and not Tennessee. It's a strategic move and I certainly understand it. The south is still too stodgy to elect a Black senator and politically it is smart. However, I really hate for Memphis to lose such a smart and civic-conscious politician. The city and state really need more like him.

SjP said...

Maybe he could come to NV and run against Harry Reid. Afterall, he's light-skinned and speaks with a Negro dialect only when he wants to.

Villager said...

DNLee - I saw in a recent poll that Harold Ford is losing miserably to the incumbent senator. It was something like 41% for her to 17% for him. That might be enough to scare him off from running again.

SjP - Do the citizens of Nevada want Harry Reid to lose his election in Nov 2010?