January 11, 2010

Boo Boo the Fool Award: Michael Steele

I watched Michael Steele, Republican National Committee chair, on the weekend talk shows calling for the resignation of Sen. Harry Reid for his racially-insensitive remarks about Barack Obama.

Of course, Steele is intellectually dishonest and hypocritical. He made racial slur earlier this month on the Hannity Show when he used the term, "Honest Injun".

The Democratic National Committee put together the following video to demonstrate the tomfoolery of Michael Steele:

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Steele wasn’t convinced that he said anything wrong, even though host Chris Wallace noted that “congressmen of both parties say that’s a racial slur.”

“Well, if it is, I apologize for it,” Steele replied, adding that he didn’t mean it in a racial way when he used it to describe the RNC’s political platform as the best in 25 years. “It’s not intended to be a racial slur. I wasn’t intending to say a racial slur at all.”

Intended or not, Steele enraged Native American lawmakers and organizations with his comments and slow response to them.

It’s unacceptable,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), the only Native American serving in the House of Representatives. “And while I’m certain that Chairman Steele didn’t intend it that way, it’s an offensive phrase in the Native American community.”

Ronnie Washines, head of the Native American Journalists Association said he was
“Thoroughly outraged that the leader of the National Republican Party would use such repulsive language. Those of us in journalism have tirelessly worked to ensure that political leaders, newsrooms, and the public be respectful to all cultures when speaking publicly. Michael Steele’s scurrilous tongue does no service to his group and only undermines the positive work of those who sincerely seek to respect one another in all of our working relationships.”

Michael Steele earns the first-ever 'Boo Boo the Fool Award' from the Electronic Village. I suspect that Steele will not make it through the summer in his current position.

What say u?


Monica Roberts said...

He earned my 2009 Shut Up Fool! Of The Year Award at TransGriot, and looks like he's well on his way to earning a second one.

Villager said...

Monica - I don't think that he will last in RNC leadership position for the rest of the year ... so I don't think he will be eligible for your 2010 Shut Up Fool award next year!