January 29, 2010

Old School Friday: Fiona Apple

The theme for the weekly Old School Friday meme is Let's Get Busy! At first I was going to post a song that helped me 'get busy' in the bedroom. However, I decided to go in a different direction with a song that was written almost 60 years ago for Frank Sinatra --- Why Try to Change Me Now.

I'm celebrating a birthday tomorrow. I'm resolved that I need to 'get busy' strengthening the bonds that I have with the people currently in my life. There seems to be little point in trying to re-invent myself ... and I'm too old to simply want to 'get busy' in the bedroom for its own sake. Anyhow, I was touched by the lyrics from this song ... even though the lyrics were written before I was born.

I hope you enjoy the flow from Fiona Apple as she sings this song:

Instead of spending precious time trying to change who I have become ... I think that I'm going to 'get busy' enjoying who I am ... and surrounding myself with people who enjoy me as I am.


Regina said...

Very nice! I haven't heard Fiona Apple in a long time, nice choice and nice showcase of her voice.
Have a great day!

Marvalus said...

Great choice!

Happy Birthday! Some of my favorite people are Aquarians!

Happy OSF!

CCGroovy!!! said...


Nice Choice.


GET BUSY... U've EARNED it!!!

Anonymous said...


This is a hauntingly beautiful song, and Fiona Apple has without question been doing some poking around inside Billie Holiday's closet wouldn't you say? She pulls it off well, though. And I can just hear how Frank must have done it.

Excellent choice, and Happy OSF!

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

I like your take on the theme. Good choice but most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-)


Villager said...

All - Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my OSF entry this week. I hope to be more consistent in support of this weekly meme in the future.

Keith - There was another Black singer who published the song as well. I think his name was Brooks Benton.