January 23, 2010

Family Seeks Answers in Taser-Killing of William Bumbrey

William Bumbrey was in Virginia looking for medical assistance. It appears that he shoplifted a bar of soap in order to get cleaned up. He was trying to turn his life around. Instead, he was killed by an unidentifed police officer inside of the Pentagon City Metro station in Arlington VA.

His family is making a demand for the surveillance video inside the Pentagon City Metro station so that the truth about his death can be known.

"We believe that the video tape itself will be the best indicator of what took place that lead to the tasering and death of William Bumbrey," said Ted Williams, an attorney.

If the police had nothing to hide ... it seems that they would have made this video available already. Don't you think? Instead the police refuse to share the video with the family or the public.

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