January 6, 2010

James von Brunn, the White Racist Who Shot Up Holocaust Museum, is Dead

It turns out that the 89-year old white racist (...I think that the mainstream media refers to him as a 'supremest') died today in federal prison. Now that I think about it security is bad all over Washington DC ... not just the White House. James Von Brunn is the wingnut who, prior to the shooting, had written racist and anti-Semitic rants on the Internet.
The only reason that I share information on the death of this cretin is because it gives all villagers another chance to uplift the memory of Holocaust Museum guard Stephen Johns.

You will recall that Stephen Johns is the man who was a father, son and husband in life, and in death became a symbol in the fight against racism and hate. His last act was to open the door for his killer.

I like what Dr. John McCoy said when delivering the eulogy at Johns' funeral. He cautioned mourners not to give in to the hate that had taken Johns' life. Instead, he said, they should rise up against it -- not in anger, but in strength.
"Silence is not a safe response in the face of racism, sexism, or any of the other isms in this world. Silence is unforgivable for those who call themselves children of God or even civilized."
I encourage all villagers to take a moment of silence to honor the life and times of Stephen T. Johns.

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