January 26, 2010

Trial for Taser-Cop Scott Nugent Begins in February

This blog is please to learn that the manslaughter case of former Winnfield Police Officer Scott Nugent is scheduled to begin on Feb. 9. [SOURCE]

Nugent was indicted in August 2008 for the Jan. 17, 2008, death of Baron "Scooter" Pikes, who died while in police custody after being shot nine times with a Taser gun by Nugent.

It will be nice to see justice done in one of these taser-related killings.


sissy said...

Scott Nugent and Taser International will be on trial.

The PD/Nugent, claim Taser International told them that repeated tasering was safe.

The victim suffered an excruciating horrible death.

The LEOs who pulled the victim out of the police car and watched Nugent continue to taser him should be charged as well.

Villager said...

Sissy - You are well-informed on these taser-related cases. I hope that you will continue to visit and support our blog as we cover these cases in the future...

Lighthammer said...

He walked. I was in the courtroom to hear the verdict and wanted to puke afterward.