January 30, 2010

Obama's Weekly Address: Reining in Budget Deficits

President Obama had a good week. His mojo was powerful during the State of the Union speech and his Q&A session with House republicans was a home run. He used his weekly message this week to renew his pledge to rein the federal deficit, citing three specific steps to this end: restoring pay-as-you-go, a freeze in discretionary spending, and a Fiscal Commission to hammer out further concrete proposals.

What is your take on this week's presidential address? For that matter, how do you think the President did this week after the disastrous week he had before?

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Regina said...

I think that Mr President is and will continue to do the best he can with what he's got. He will not please everyone but I don't think he is really concerned with that (Though his hair has gotten a little more gray since he started!).
Over all I think the address was very good. I loved the look or the non-look on the faces of the Justices and the Military guys when he addressed their situations! Classic! Did you catch his talk with the Republicans the next day? Great job! He still gets my vote!