January 12, 2010

Family Seeks Answers in Taser-Killing of Linda Hicks

Linda Hicks is the 62-year old mentally-ill woman killed by Toledo police officer Diane Chandler last month. Ms. Hicks was shot four times by a taser in 'drive stun' mode. A Toledo grand jury cleared Officer Chandler of murder indictment last week.

However, the family of Linda Hicks is not satisfied. The family hired a lawyer to get more answers in this taser-related killing.

I think that the police rely on tasers for convenience, rather than in situations of true danger. I think that these Toledo police officers shot first ... and asked questions later. I hope that the Hicks' family gets answers to their questions!

It remains a mystery to me why two trained police officers were not able subdue a 62-year old woman with a pacemaker without deadly force. She was trapped in a room with no firearms. Did the two police officers truly think that this old woman with a pair of scissors needed to be shot in the head twice to bring her down?

What say u?

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Gunfighter said...

Tasers aren't deadly force... further, many people would have had the same reaction had those officer gone "hands on" with Hicks, and she ended up getting badly hurt, which is almost certainly the case.

If I am not mistaken, Hicks was mentally ill... if you have never had to fight someone who was mentally ill, I don't recommend that you do so.

The Taser was probably the best choice out of a bunch of bad choices... which is often what happens when you call the cops on your mentally ill neighbors or kin.