July 25, 2008

Black Blogging Beyond Obama

I didn't attend Netroots Nation conference this year. I understand that the event will be in Pittsburgh next year. My plan is to attend it next year.

Anyhow, one of the Netroots National panel discussions this year was entitled, "Black Blogging Beyond Obama".

Drumbeats from The SuperSpade inform us that this panel discussion featuring panelists Gina McCauley from What About Our Daughters, Leutisha Stills from Black Agenda Report and Jack and Jill Politics, and Andre Banks from Color of Change. The panel was honest, probing, and forward thinking.

This panel discussion provides some direction for any of us involved in Black online activism or Black blogging. My guess is that this conversation will continue this weekend at the Blogging While Brown conference in Atlanta.

Here are the questions that Brandon Q. White (The Superspade) asked his panel at Netroots Nation.
  1. What is the difference between Black online activists and Black bloggers
  2. What do Black bloggers talk about when they are not talking about Obama?
  3. How do you see the ascendancy of online activism impacting the traditional civil rights infrastructure?
  4. Who blogs locally? (hands) More often than not, the hardest place to organize is where you live. What is your relationship with offline activists in your local community and what should we do to get to the point where we can have local versions of Jena 6 and Fox/CBC debate?
  5. How can/should Black online activists going to fill the current and future void of Black leadership?
  6. We need more Black bloggers, (burnout) who in this room has encouraged or developed a new Black blogger
  7. How do you envision Black bloggers holding Obama accountable should he be elected?
  8. Are Black bloggers the flavor of the month and what is our obligation to the community once we have a known voice?
  9. There has been much talk about Obama's campaign and possible election as a sign of America's transcending race. What infrastructure and/or strategies need to be in place to continue to raise the issues relevant to the Black community and hold Obama accountable should he be elected?

Villagers, care to share your answers to any of these nine questions?

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