July 26, 2008

Blogging While Brown Conference Workshops

The Blogging While Brown workshop descriptions are up. Go over to the Blogging While Brown blog to read the latest.

I'm nervous about my presentation, 'Umoja: From a Black Bloggers Perspective'. My outline for the workshop is a simple one:
  1. Black Blogger - Are you alone?
  2. Black Blogging is all about...
  3. Why do Black Blogs Fail?
  4. What is Black Blogger Response?
  5. Afrosphere
  6. The AfroSpear
  7. Afrosphere Campaigns
  8. Other Places to Find Us?
  9. Black Blog Rankings

Most of you won't be able to attend in person. Feel free to ask any questions or share any of your thoughts on this workshop ... or the overall BWB Conference.


blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there Villager!

It's great that you wanted to share your workshop outline with your readers!

I will not be able to attend the conference but many new bloggers would like advice about how to improve the content of their blog. There are many different writing styles and it is difficult to pinpoint the writing style that will be most useful to a wide range of readers.

Another aspect of your workshop could cover:
How can we do a better job of fostering community in the black blogosphere?
- Meme themes
- Blog carnivals
- Cross posts to share the work of other bloggers
- Contributing to other blogs

Finally, my last idea would be for the blogs listed on your Black Blog List to provide you with the categories that their blog should be listed under. (Right now, the blogs are just listed by Technorati rank and many blog hosts don't register with Technorati. Technorati does not rank blogs by content quality.)

Have a wonderful conference!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

geoffreyphilp101@gmail.com said...

Villager, don't be nervous.

You Rock!

Sending love and thanks,


Phil Davis said...

Hello Villager,

I'm wish I could attend the conference as well. Can't come because in addition to being brown, I'm broke and can't afford to travel to atlanta. I just wanted to share with you the site I've been working on that I think believe will make a contribution to the black blogosphere and those who follow black blogs. It's located at Afronary.Net . I started working on it, to see if I could create a term/tag cloud that reflected the activity in the Black Blogosphere. I completed that task and ended up also created an aggregate feed of the blogs in the database and a few widgets that can serve the black bloggers and webmasters and foster the community of Black Bloggers.

Good Luck with your presentation

Cliff Samuels Jr said...

I hope someone created a podcast/vidcast of the event. This would help spread the the knowledge and help promote next years event.

Villager said...

Cliff - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/theo-live

Lisa - 3 of your 4 ideas were part of the discussion. We didn't talk about blog carnivals. I guess I need to be in one myself first...

Geoffry - Asante sana! It turned out well...

Phil - One of the workshops focused on being 'Black blogger broke'! Anyhow, I did share information on Afronary.net with my blog readers a bit earlier. Keep doing what you're doing ... your aggregator is excellent...