July 31, 2008

John McCain Sells Out to Big Oil

I notice that John McCain is becoming a one-note candidate with his constant rants in support of the Big Oil companies. Standing before a room of oil company executives in June, John McCain flip-flopped and declared support for coastal oil drilling. Now the Washington Post is reporting that, within days, oil and gas execs ponied up nearly $1 million to elect McCain.

When people think of Bush, they think "oil," but that's not true of McCain yet—even though his energy policy is almost identical to Bush's and his campaign is literally run by oil lobbyists! Check out this video for details:

What say u?


Constructive Feedback said...

Excuse me Brother Holland:

You use the term "sells out to big oil". Help me walk through the logic of this sentiment. I would like to argue with the parallel of goods manufactured by an American owned/American based firm as a means of bearing out your reasoning.

You say that in agreeing to advocate for off-shore drilling that "John McCain has SOLD OUT to Big Oil". Absent any change in strategy over the next 10 years a total of $10 TRILLION in wealth will be transferred from our nation into the pockets of foreign, oil producing nation due to our purchase of foreign oil. While I have not debated with you directly in my recollection I do know that several members of your "AfroSpear" are tireless in their attacks on "offshoring" of American jobs and production.

Could you rationally tell me why the opposition to domestic production of oil IS NOT akin to "offshoring"? (the practice that I assume you are opposed to?)

With all of the talk about "energy as a homeland security" matter that is being thrown out by Al Gore and others - again - how does your logic stand?

It seems to me that the hope for alternative energy justifies people with a certain ideological disposition to oppose expansion of the production of fossil fuels. The only problem is that their long time opposition in the hopes that these alternative sources will be viable is part of the reason why we have the high prices that we do as related to refining capacity (not the increase in cost of the raw petroleum).

I just listened to a detailed report today that said fully optimized batteries for use in electric cars is still 10 years away. The secret to the question "Who Killed The Electric Car" can be found in the problems with the BATTERIES that were immature when this product was put out for testing 10 years ago. These batteries degraded over time to a point where that 42 miles on one charged dwindled precipitously. I have little doubt that the same people clamoring for their cars back today would be a part of a class action lawsuit with respect to the battery life if they had been allowed to keep their car.

But back to the main discussion at hand. Could you more articulately define how "John McCain SOLD OUT to Big Oil" if in fact these companies and their domestic exploration will be the pathway toward more domestic oil production?

Secondly - could you tell me your views of Barack Obama's proposal today for a WINDFALL PROFITS TAX against "Big Oil Companies"? I get the strange feeling that this made you proud. While this might fit in line with your ideological bent - exactly how does this address the cost of energy?

Indeed the forced confiscation of their profits and diversion into "alternative energy" research ASSUMES that they are not already doing such research.

If their price gouging is what is causing the run up in gasoline prices - how is it that Japan and parts of Europe are closer to recession than the USA is.....due to high oil prices globally? Is Mr. Obama sure that the "price gouging" by American firms is the cause of these high prices?

Villager said...

Constructive Feedback - My last name is not Holland ... but, I'll respond anyhow.

McCain was getting $200k per month from Oil companies until June when he made speech to the Oil boys. He got over $1 million from them that month. That is selling out in my view.

re: oil drilling. Did you notice that we had an oil spill on the Mississippi river last month? I lived in California when there was a gigantic oil spill in Santa Monica back in the day. I still remember the damage done in Alaska when the drunken captain caused massive oil spill up there. For all of those reasons I'm not interested in more oil drilling off our shores. The oil companies already have permission to drill in thousands of square miles that have already been approved. Why can't they drill in those spots?

I agree with Barack's idea of fast-tracking alternatives. I even like what I've seen so far on Boone Picken's energy plan.

Hope that this has been responsive to your query...

peace, Villager

Constructive Feedback said...


It appears that Barack Obama's latest switch toward pragmatism has left the loyal opposition in his support base without cover:

[quote]Obama Would Back Offshore Drilling
As Part of Bipartisan Energy Package
August 2, 2008 2:10 p.m.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida -- Barack Obama said on Saturday he would support an expansion of offshore drilling as part of a broader bipartisan energy bill, a more flexible approach than the Democratic presidential contender has previously demonstrated.

Sen. Obama, who has opposed further offshore drilling despite it being a politically unpopular position, told reporters he "remains skeptical" of drilling provisions in pending legislation designed to lessen dependence on foreign oil and ramp up development of alterative energy, but he said he would be willing to compromise.[/quote]

Villager said...

Constructive Feedback - It appears that Obama is showing leadership. His goal is a comprehensive energy plan. It appears that the plan he was commenting on is much more comprehensive in nature than anything currently on the table. It is much more comprehensive than McCain's plan to drill us to death or provide some gimmick tax holiday...