July 13, 2008

Spock.com, Incredible New People Search

I subscribed to Spock.com today.

What is Spock? Spock is a free people and information search engine. People can be searched by name or by a "tag" consisting of a personal piece of information (e.g. BDPA, graduate of UC Riverside, hazel eyes, likes Michelle Rodriquez, etc.). These tags can be created by the person, or by other Spock members. Opinions can be voiced about a person by voting for or against a tag (this includes pictures as well).

I did a search for my high school and learned that science fiction author Ray Bradbury is also an alumnus of Los Angeles High School. I never realized my connection to an author that wrote sci-fi books that are still on my bookshelf today.

Anyhow, Spock is not a social network, although they do have some messaging capabilities. Within a search result are links to a person's other locations on the web (e.g. homepage, Facebook, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, or blog).

I encourage villagers to visit Spock and search for your favorite blogger, actor/actress, athlete or a marketing consultant in your city. Spock is great when you want to see who has been arrested for arrested for drunk driving or Jamaican models!

Spock People Search

I think that it is becoming more and more difficult to remain off the grid (smile)! However, if you are interested in finding others with similiar interests .. then I encourage you to check out Spock.com.

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