July 25, 2008

New AfroSpear Member: InkogNegro 1.75

It is with pleasure that I report a new member of The AfroSpear. InkogNegro is the owner of InkogNegro 1.75 (BBR #417) and the newest member of the growing group of progessive Black bloggers. His blog first came into the afrosphere on October 27, 2007.

In his application, InkoNegro wrote, "The AfroSpear has always appeared to be an attempt to harness the power of progressive bloggers of African Descent, organizing them and elevating them collectively. I believe I can add my skills to help speed the day where we, as people of African Descent can gain more and more control over our voice. I look forward to applying my talents and desire with like minded folk."

Join us in welcoming a new voice to The Afrospear!


The Ink said...

I humbly accept the membership and look forward to receiving my marching orders.

Villager said...

The Ink - Just do what you do! I look forward to seeing your comments in the AfroSpear GoogleGroup as you have time or inclination...

peace, Villager