July 23, 2008

End Police Pre-Trial, Extra Judicial Electrocutions and Executions

Villagers, we will join with the Afrosphere Action Coalition in a Day of Blogging for Justice focused on the extraordinary increases in taser deaths around the nation. The virtual headquarters for this online activism is a newly created blog called, "Electrocuted While Black".

We hope to raise awareness throughout the afrosphere about the inappropriate use of tasers by law enforcement officials.

The police tell us that electrocuting people in the Black community is necessary, normally harmless and in alignment with use of force policies. However, research reveals that game wardens treat 600 pound bears and half-ton mooses with greater care for their well-being than are members of the public when confronted by police officers with electrocution and execution devices in their hip pockets.

How often have you seen video of the police calling game wardens to humanely take care of lions, tigers and bears that wander into a neighborhood? Yet, the police don't have that same level of patience with Black men, blind men, women, pregnant women and children in our community.

'Shoot first, ask questions later' appears to be the operating mindset of police in North Carolina, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the 'pre-trial, extra-judicial electrocution and execution of Blacks'. Do you think that taser use by police is becoming the modern-day version of lynching?


blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey Villager!

The taser gun has replaced the noose. In the minds of those whites who are using the taser to commit murders, the noose is too old-fashioned because it took much too long for them to reach their desired result. Now, they are using taser instead of the noose since it takes only takes 30 seconds. It is an outrage and blacks all over the country need to engage in mass campaigns of the Office of the Mayor in ever city to address the issue of Blue Homicide.

When do we say ENOUGH and stand together?

Thank you for blowing your trumpet about this!

Villager said...

Lisa - Will you join our Day of Blogging Justice currently scheduled for July 30th?