July 30, 2008

Isabel Garcia Mocked in Hateful & Racist Manner by Tuscon Radio Station

Drumbeats from All About Race introduced us to Isabel Garcia heads up the Public Defender's office in Tucson AZ. She is a talented lawyer working to provide quality legal representation to those who could not otherwise afford it.

Apparently, she threatens the manhood of white conservatives in Arizona. One of them is Jon Justice who works for local radio station. Justice filmed a "webisode" of his show where he caressed and fondled a piñata intended to be the likeness of Isabel Garcia.

I'm pleased to see that the Latino community organized quickly to contact radio station advertisers and local Pima County officials to express their displeasure. The immediate reaction from this community is an object lesson for Black activists when we next have to deal with racism and hatred in our community!

I encourage all villagers to take any steps possible to end the racism and hate whenever it rears its ugly head!


clnmike said...

That was straight up disgusting.

Villager said...

Mike - I guess at some point I will be surprised by the poor taste that exists in many of us. This shock jock is looking to make a name for himself ... and I hope that it costs his station mucho dineros!