July 10, 2008

Kenneth Ransom as McReele

Lloyd Ransom was one of my father's best friends from his boyhood days in Tulsa. After college they both ended up working in the aeronautics industry out in southern California. He became my godfather when I was born.

Uncle Lloyd and his wife, Archie had three children. One of them was a little runt named Kenny. When I was young, Uncle Lloyd and his family moved to Denver CO. Anyhow, none of us are runts any longer ... and Kenny is now Kenneth. He is a working actor living in Australia.

Anyhow villagers, I'm proud of my godbrother ... he plays the title character in a play called, 'McReele'. Darius McReele is a death-row inmate when the play begins. He is exonerated from a sixteen-year murder conviction. Darius' sympathetic past and magnetic personality make him a darling of the lecture circuit, leading to national attention and political viability.

It sounds like a great play ... however, it goes with out saying that I'm touting it on my blog because Kenny ... uhhh ... Kenneth is in the flick. Here is the preview of the play that was filmed for an Australian television audience:

We have the Tony Awards for outstanding work in a Broadway play. I wonder what the Aussie award is called for similiar work Down Under?


Woozie said...

Kenny ... uhhh ... Kenneth

How much flack do you think he gets from people saying "Oh my god, ythey killed Kenny!" All the Kennys I know hate that.

Woozie said...



Villager said...

Woozie - OK ... I gotta be honest. I don't know where that quote/reference comes from. Is it from a movie?

DNLee said...

It comes from South Park. The character Kenny dies in each episode.

Villager said...

DN Lee - Well that explains why I didn't know about it. I don't think that I've seen more than 5-7 minutes of South Park in my life...