January 15, 2009

30 Day Challenge: Day 4, Finding Stuff to Test & Sell

My journey thru the 30 Day Challenge continues into Lesson 4. I have settled in on my keyword phrase at this point. I crunched the traffic numbers in Lesson 2. I analyzed the competition in Lesson 3. Today I'll work out if there are villagers or others in the marketplace that will reach into their pockets and make a purchase of my product over the Internet!

Today is all about finding products to test selling to my target market.

There are four videos about 50 minutes in length for Lesson 4:
  1. FINDING AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM - Ed Dale introduces affiliate programs.
    He shows you how to find the many products and services available to test our market to see if the buyers are biting. Two examples that he shared were ClickBank.com and Amazon.com. I hadn't heard of ClickBank.com before today. However, I have been an Amazon.com affiliate for a number of years. I recently saw a post from Paula Mooney that excited me about opportunities to monetize my blog with Amazon.com. In my own research I saw other affiliate opportunities that I hope to explore in the coming weeks.

  2. WRITING YOUR FIRST COPY - Dan tackles copywriting, and showed us how to take an existing piece of copy and turn it into a short "slippery" summary. This was the favorite part of the lesson for me. Writing blog posts and other web-based copy is an obstacle for me. Dan provided me with a specific example on how to be disciplined enought to create short (30-50 words) copy for my test product. I'm looking forward to getting my product up & in the universe now!

  3. CREATING AMAZON LINKS - Here Dan gives a brief tutorial on how to create a unique affiliate link for any of the thousands of products available on the Amazon site. This section needs to be updated as Amazon truly improved the process for its affiliates in recent weeks.

  4. MANIPULATING IMAGES - In the last video, Dan walks us through how to use a free web service to resize images to upload online.

I am very excited about today's lesson. I've identified the product that I plan to test market. Frankly, I feel mo' betta about the 30 Day Challenge today than I have at any point since the beginning of this journey. I look forward to tomorrow's lesson.

Any other villagers thinking about taking the 30 Day Challenge?


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey thanks for the shout out, Wayne -

And I'm totally with you on the 30-day challenge!

(I know the monies I make this month in January with Amazon will be paid around March 2009, right before taxes are due!)

Anyway the Amazon Germany is doing great -- I've sold some cameras thru there. Thank God!

I was getting discouraged, but now I feel back on track.

Made an Amazon UK sale.

Now I'm looking to up my Amazon USA sales -- and see what those Amazon France people like to buy.

I'll post up my income around the end of January and let you know what happened.

But today I'm really lovin' that Amazon Hunter 2 and Dominating Amazon (links on my blog) to generate massive sales.

Villager said...

Paula - You are remarkable. I appreciate your candor and your asistance on all matters related to monetizing our blogs. You are one of my favorite bloggers to read! My Amazon earnings are miniscule at this point. Hopefully we can move them up over the coming months...