January 26, 2009

Obama 2.0 * WhiteHouse.gov is More Interactive

The Obama administration relaunched the White House Website adding a blog and several new features to make it more interactive.

Macon Phillips, director of new media for the White House, posted the first entry for the new blog at http://www.whitehouse.gov/. Villagers may now sign up for an RSS feed, e-mail updates, and can provide feedback to the White House by filling out a form on their updated Web site.

The White House also plans to post non-emergency legislation online for five days so the public can review and comment before the president signs it into law. Phillips stated the site is intended to deepen the administration's engagement with the American people, and it will play a major role in delivering on President Obama's promise of transparency in government.
Have you checked it out yet?


Iya said...

Hi, Villager,
Yes, I checked out WhiteHouse.gov.
As with the use of internet during the Obama campaign, this, too, is s stroke of genius! Another idea bringing the White House closer to the people.

Villager said...

Iya - Yes, it has been less than a week and already we can see the difference. Now, if he can just get Congress to get busy with his stimulus package...