January 6, 2009

Katrina's Hidden Race War

I just learned from ColorOfChange.org that in the weeks following Hurricane Katrina, racist vigilantes in Algiers Point attacked, and according to their own accounts, killed Black men seeking refuge from the floodwaters. I'm outraged to hear that New Orleans law enforcement officials have consistently refused to investigate these crimes, and acted to cover up their own complicity in the violence.

Based on evidence recently presented by A.C. Thompson in The Nation, it appears that while at least 11 Black men were shot or shot at, none of the white vigilantes have been brought to justice. And there's damning evidence that police officers allowed a man to die, and then burned his body to cover it up.

Louisiana-style justice has once again failed to protect and serve the state's Black citizens. State officials such as Gov. Jindal must act immediately to change this. I urge all villagers to push for the identification of victims of these crimes, prosecution of the perpetrators, full cooperation with any federal inquiries, and aggressive investigations into the role of local law enforcement officials in committing and suppressing the exploration of these crimes.

That's my view. What say u?


MacDaddy said...

I agree with your recommendations and some sort of banding together of bloggers to make this happen.

But I'm reminded of all the rumors of robbing and killing which the codrporate white media was so quick to broadcast with no evidence.

But now with these black men dead, they are reluctant to investigate these killings.

We need to do something.

RiPPa said...

I've been trying to gain some support for this on here and outside of this network as well. I've sent an email to a few prominent bloggers on here to which there's been no response.

This stuff is ridiculous, and yes it requires a grassroots level action via the blogosphere.

Villager said...

MacDaddy & RiPPa - Consider asking for support from your kinfolk in our GoogleGroup. I'm hopeful that a number of villagers will share the message within their sphere of influence. I've added a link in my sidebar widget for online petitions as well...

Rajesh said...

All are equal in front of Law.
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