January 23, 2009

First Day of School ... 5 Years From Now


wisdomteachesme said...

we were talking about this happening on tuesday. good one.

Villager said...

WTM - I tend to believe that this one may be reality imitating art. I do think more and more people will include our new president in the naming of their newborns over the next few months and years...

wisdomteachesme said...

oh yes i do agree with your thoughts exactly.
i know it is going to happen.
hopefully the parents will not alter the original spelling of his name. lol

though i know if they choose to name girls they will create some form of female version of it.
i have seen a lot of this from teaching--names i could not pronounce and the child had problems saying. lol
it is going to be interesting--i still stay in contact with a few teachers so i will be checking in with them to see what has popped up.

obama being president has a much deeper meaning than what i think many people understand.
i tend to go below the shallowness of surface concerning our world.

to have a full understanding of things and to see all the opportunities avaliable is a blessing. i pray the people go deeper into themselves and the meaning behind the timing of this change of events and currents in our nation.

hopefully not too many will stay behind the changes but will be in the midst of self change in order to reap from the outter opportunities to change that we are being given.

SjP said...

I'd put money on it...

Villager said...

WTM - I named my son, Khalis ... so I dont' have much wiggle room. However, I did find it scary that one of the students in the cartoon has a last name of Hicks :)

Sojourner - I'm not taking that bet!