January 24, 2009

(Th)ink by Keith Knight: Obama Silver Dollar

(Th)ink is an editorial cartoon written and drawn
by cartoonist Keith Knight (the K Chronicles).


Black on Campus said...

I thought about how profoundly it impacts me that there will now be a Black man's face/silhouette/portrait among those 200+ years of white portraits...on coins and dollar bills and in the hallways of the whitehouse. I will probably never stop being amazed by this.

Iya said...

I agree with Black On Campus.

As to the caricature with large ears, it's not really a carica-ture, is it? Our President DOES have large ears, but for me that is one of his endearing qualities!

SjP said...

The ears...the ears... lol!

Villager said...

Ajaun, Sojourner & Iya - Amen!