January 25, 2009

From Stokely to Obama: Organizing for America

I saw Stokely Carmichael speak when I was in college. His message was that it was critical for people of African descent to ORGANIZE. Barack Obama worked for many years in Chicago as a community organizer. In fact, Sarah Palin criticized him for that organizing work.

What Stokely and Barack knew then ... and Mama Grizzley Palin learned later ... is that the key to success is the ability to ORGANIZE. In fact, Obama continues to ORGANIZE. His peeps created Organizing for America in an effort to work towards those things he promised in his campaign.

I signed up today. I encourage all villagers to visit the OFA website and sign up as a volunteer. It's time for us to ORGANIZE!


The Urban Scientist said...

thanks for sharing. I'm headed over to the site now to sign up. Thanks Villager. Good looking out.

Villager said...

Urban Scientist - Asante sana! I hope that other villagers joined you and me in checking out OFA website...