January 8, 2009

Set Your Goals for 2009

Soulclap to Kai Dupe for the work he is doing to evolve our Black young boys on a path towards becoming successful Black men. In his recent monthly newsletter, 'The Successful Black Male Project', he wrote,

In order to be successful in the new year, we must nuture the habit of goal setting. Goal setting is not a complicated matter. However it is a major component of success. If you listen to what successful people are saying you will always hear them mention how they set goals and even more importantly how they maintain their focus on their goals. One of the main ways to stay focused on your goals is to write them down.

The other important thing to remember about goals is that you should only set goals that are important to you. It is a mistake to set goals that are important to others. Success requires work. And the energy you will need to get your work done requires passion. You must be motivated. It is much more difficult to be motivated about something that you are not interested in.

Countless movies have depicted the poor son who became a doctor or a lawyer to follow in their father's footsteps when they realy dreamed of having success in another walk of life.

As we start the new year take a few moments to jot down a couple of goals. Put them somewhere you can see them each day such as a computer screen saver or perhaps on the tape it to a bathroom mirror. If you wish to learn more about goal setting please pick up an excellent book by Brian Tracy, entitled
Flight Plan.

We're one week into the new year. Have you written down YOUR goals for 2009 yet?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

have a blessed 2009 folk

Villager said...

RawDawg - Back atcha home skillet. I trust that your biz is back up & running after the nonsense. Also hope that 5-0 catches the fool who broke your window...