January 5, 2009

Buy Black: BizBlack Business Directory

We are going to continue beating the drum for the 'Buy Black' economic empowerment concept. Barack Obama is going to do what must be done to fix the American economy. I'm convinced that we need to do what must be done to help him within the Black community.

Our goal is simple, we want more you to support competent Black businesses through more productive use of the Internet. We want to decrease the barriers which impede our patronage of Black business. Are you game?

By definition, our villagers operate on the Internet. Therefore, we want to share online directories of Black Businesses such as BizBlack.info (which was referred to us by a BDPA colleague). We join BizBlack.info in being tired of hearing Black folks saying that they don't 'Buy Black' because they don't know where to find these businesses. We can no longer do the same ol' things ... we need to begin to pay ourselves some internal reparations and get serious about supporting Black-owned & Black-operated businesses.

That's my view on the matter. What say u?


The Urban Scientist said...

I agree, so thank you for the internet directory. it should help.

Villager said...

Urban Scientist - No problem! We must remind ourselves regularly of the importance of 'cooperative economics' ... not just during the one day (Ujamaa) of Kwanzaa...