January 16, 2009

30 Day Challenge: Day 5, Getting Some Content

My journey into the 30 Day Challenge continues. I used the first four days to identify my keyword phrase, affiliate product, and initial ad copy.

The focus of today's lesson was on finding content. Ed Dale makes the point that content is the engine that drives the Internet. People go online to find information about a particular topic or to be entertained. Content is what they seek ... and content is what the search engines use to find our site when we are in position to provide relevant, unique information to our site visitors.

Anyhow, we learn how to create content (300-500 word mini-articles) without having to be writing superstars.

There are two videos (30 minutes) in Lesson 5:
  1. FINDING ARTICLE CONTENT - GuruBob shows us how to use the Find Content module of Market Samurai to find content relevant to our target keyword. This is a very good tool that provides analysis on the strength of that content for our purposes. For example, we can see when the article was written, how many back links to it, what the Page Rank is for the article's spot in the Internet and how many times are keyword phrase is embedded in the article. This is a worthy feature of Market Samurai and gives me another reason to consider purchasing the upgrade at the end of the 40-day trial period.

  2. MAKE YOUR OWN CONTENT - In this video, Ed uses Google Reader to show us other ways to collect news relevant to our target keyword and turn it into content that is uniquely ours. Ed also explains the Attribution Method for creating content fast.

Our homework for today is to create 5-10 mini-articles based on our keyword phrase. I haven't completed the homework as I type this blog post ... but, I plan to get it done before the end of the day! Wish me luck...


[***Fresh&Fab***] said...

happy osf

Monica Roberts said...

Good luck Villager..

Sometimes it isn't easy to create fresh content on a daily basis.

Viqi French said...

Hey, just popped in to give you this link I mentioned to you on Twitter:

This is the 30 Day Challenge group link I discovered at FriendFeed.com. All these folk seem to be really into it. You may be able to pick up a few tips or iron out a challenge or whatever by seeing all that they're talking about.

Best of luck!

Villager said...

Fresh & Fab - Back atcha young squire!

Monica - I agree with you. I used to have very difficult time getting content when I first started blogging. It has become easier over the past few months. This blogger platform allows me to schedule posts for dates in the future. I use that feature quite abit to stockpile future posts on future dates. 30DC showed me some good tips on getting content as well.

Viqi French - Merci beaucoup! I signed up for that FF room you provided for me...